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Christmas Hospital Teddy Bear Run. Saturday 19th December

Meeting at 10am on Saturday the 19th of December.  (Not a Sunday this year).

Umpteenth Christmas Hospital Teddy Bear Run.

As a Traffic Cop we often found ourselves at the casualty department dealing with the aftermath of road crashes.  It was all the more distressing when these involved children.  Some years ago we set up a fund to provide Teddy Bears be handed to any children who were unfortunate enough to find themselves in A&E  over the Christmas period.  It was found that if a child becomes attached to a cuddly toy whilst they are receiving treatment, it aids their recovery if they are allowed to take the toy home with them.  Obviously there is no funding for this is in the NHS.  So we need you!

Meeting at 10am at Caerphilly Mountain Snack Bar to ride down to the Children’s Casualty Unit at University Hospital of Wales – UHW Heath Hospital.

We will then continue with a ride out to a suitable cafe for some refreshments.

Size Matters!!  Smaller Teddies are better, as they don’t get in the way of any treatment that the child is receiving. Please don’t wrap them.  These are not meant as Christmas presents…. they are New Friends in Waiting!

Please spread the word.  Let’s fill the World with Teddy Bears.

Ikea are selling perfectly sized Soft Toys, where you can fill your panniers for just a couple of quid.

Also follow us on facebook at our page ‘1st Class Rider Training’ and get details of our ‘free training days’.

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Star Gazing Ride Out. 30th June

A Star Gazing Ride Out. 
Tuesday the 30th of June 8pm at Caerphilly Mountain Snack Bar.

That’s 8PM, because we are going to look at some planets.  On June 30th Jupiter and Venus will come together in what is expected to be an awesome astronomical display.

We will travel to Crai Reservoir in the Heart of The Brecon Beacons.  The National Park is only the 5th destination in the World to be granted Dark Sky Reserve status so should give us an excellent opportunity to view this interplanetary phenomenon.

Bring a flask of soup, some binoculars, or a small telescope and some soup! Although your naked eyes will do just fine!

Please note this may be a late finish.  Hoping for a cloud free, and starry starry night.

If you visit our Facebook page you will find a link to Wales Online which gives full details of the astronomy background to this event.

Our Ride Outs are simply out of this World.

Also out of this World, but in a theoretical sense, is our 3 Countries Advanced Motorcycle Course which is running this September.   Don’t miss out.  Get yourself on the list for this amazing event.

Check out all the course details on our ‘advanced training ‘ page.

Come on….. You know you want….

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Ride Out Saturday 13th June & Other Stuff.

I’ve missed a couple of Ride Outs but determined to get going again. 

So, here we go!

Saturday the 13th of June. Meeting at Caerphilly Mountain Snack Bar at for a 9.30 departure.

Heading for ‘Staylittle’ and Llyn Clewedog.  This picture was taken on a previous ride out and it is a spectacular location.  The road from the lake through Staylittle to Llanbrynmair is a cracker too!

So come and join us for a grand day out.


Some Other Stuff……..

Cycle Event & Road Closures.

Sunday the 14th of June sees a major cycle road race event come to South East Wales. This brings with it some extensive road closures as the Pro Cycle Race & accompanying public Sportive event, will take place on a ‘Closed Road’ Circuit, starting in Cardiff, heading out to Newport, Caerleon, Abergavenny, Blaenavon, Caerphilly Mountain back to Cardiff passing Roath Park Lake and back to Cathays Park for the finish.

Plan ahead to stay out of the way if you are not interested, or to get your view point if you are!


3 Countries Advanced Motorcycle Course. Next dates fixed for September.

15th -20th September 2015.

Pictured here are our successful candidates & Instructors from our May 3 Countries Advanced Course.

This is an intense motorcycling experience and our previous courses have drawn much acclaim from those who have gone before.  We believe that this is a unique Motorcycle Training Experience.

Still with a 100% rate for the Advanced Tests for RoSPA &the IAM.

For full details check out the advanced training page of our website.

We have already taken bookings for this next course, so don’t miss out. Get yourself on the list now.


Come on…… you know you want to!


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Spring is Here….. but Not For Me!

Spring has Sprung… But so has my Spring. My rear shock absorber has sprung a leak and the new one hasn’t arrived yet.

So the Ride Out planned for tomorrow won’t now go ahead and will have to be rescheduled.

I do apologise for this. I will be trying to sort out a replacement bike first thing in the morning so may get out on the road a bit later than normal, so if you are able to join me at short notice, then text me and if I get sorted I can text to meet up. 07545567273.

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Classic Bike Show Shepton Mallet. Sunday 8th of February


Join us on our Ride Out to the Classic Bike Show at the Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet this Sunday, the 8th of February.

Meeting at Caerphilly Mountain Snack Bar for a 9.30 departure.

This is great show to see some fantastic classic bikes and plenty of rare curios from a by-gone age.
If you are into auto jumble and spare shiny bits then there is a plenty on offer. Old bike books and manuals, badges and much more. Too much to mention so come along to see for yourself.

An Up date on our 3 Countries Advanced Course commencing in May.

This course has drawn much acclaim from those who have gone before, and in fact some of them have booked to do it again.

We are still taking bookings for this course but we are close to a cut off point to keep the course to a manageable group. There is still space so if you have been thinking about it but holding back, then don’t miss out.

We may be able to take late bookings but that is totally dependent on being able to recruit qualified Instructors to cater for the extra numbers. We have instructors currently on stand by waiting for the call up, but they may need to confirm other commitments.

If you want more information on this course, give me a call, or send me an email.

Come on …..”. You know you want to…..!

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