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Andy Smith is a former Police Motorcyclist with years of experience in motorcycle training at all levels. He offers training through 1stClassRider.co.uk, and ride outs through his newsletter blog right here. To contact Andy click here.

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We are Back! Ride Outs are restarting.

We’ve been away but now we are back!     I apologise for the missing ride outs lately but here we are!

We have been extremely busy with ‘Learner’ training through the last few months, (and we are still heavily booked up now) but I have been asked a few times when the ride outs will start again. So here we go.

To make up for the missing ones I will be running 2 in November.

Sunday the 6th of November.  Tintern Abbey, Wye Valley and the Banks of the Severn.

Starting from our new meeting point. 9.30am at the Caerphilly Mountain Snack Bar, (which is a snack bar….on Caerphilly Mountain).  The snack bar has been revamped and now offers covered seating – and still has the same range of burgers, rolls and drinks etc. that we (I) have grown to love over the years. It is the home of the ‘Mountain Monster’ which is a massive breakfast roll – and not the woman who works there!

Sunday the 20th of November. Motorcycle Live 2011.  (The NEC Bike Show to you & me).

This is an old favourite taking a scenic route up to the M5 near Worcester and jumping on to the Motorway for the last run in to the NEC.  Starting at the ‘Mountain Monster’ for an early start at 8.30am. Tickets for the Show are £19 on the door or £16 if you buy them in advance from the ‘Motorcycle Live’ website.  If you don’t want to visit the ‘New’ bike show there will be an opportunity to visit the British Motorcycle Museum, which is just the other side of the NEC roundabout.  Either one is a great bike day out.

Sunday the 11th of December.  The Teddy Bear Christmas Run to the Children’s Casualty Unit at UHW.

We have done this before and we will do it again.  All I ask is that you bring along a New Teddy Bear or similar, (at least 1).  Please don’t bring along a massive bear as the idea is for the Bears to be given to the children who are unfortunate enough to find themselves in the Casualty Unit as Christmas approaches.  As an idea, IKEA sell small (pocket sized) soft toys for around 40p up wards. So for a couple of quid you could fill your panniers!

The reason is that it is believed that if a child becomes attached to the toy whilst they are being treated, it aids their recovery if the are allowed to take the toy home with them afterwards.  Obviously there is no funding for this in the NHS.  So please support this one and dig deep for your Teddies.  So remember it is better to buy a few small ones rather than one big one (which can become cumbersome in the confines of the Casualty Unit).

So I hope there is something here for you and you can join us on one or all of these.  As before these ride outs are free but all I ask is that you buy a ‘Full Stop’ badge in aid of the NSPCC.

Also, get your free copy of ‘Motorcycle Monthly’ plus discount vouchers for clothing at ‘Infinity Motorcycles’ and also ‘Bikegear’ at Bridgend.

If nothing else…. come and see the Mountain Monster!

Come on…… you know you want to.   We are back!

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  1. Hi Andy.
    Have not been out before but will join you soon, how do i get to the snack bar from Newbridge? and what type of bikes ride with you?

    Kind Regards,

  2. Hi Phil, A variety of bikes come along and wherever possible motorways are avoided so some of the ride outs are suitable for L plates. The snack bar is at the top off Caerphilly Mountain on the A469. The roads which runs from Caerphilly town centre towards Cardiff. I hope that helps.

  3. Hi Andy,

    I might be along on the 20th (on the 6th I am still on Honeymoon!), brilliant news the rideouts have restarted.


    PS Please let your lady wife we havent forgotten we still owe her for the gifts she supplied last Saturday!

  4. Tintern Abbey,Wye Valley the banks of the river Severn and the Caerphilly Mountain Snack bar. Too good to miss!!!!

  5. Hi Andy

    I want to go to the bike show in the NEC on the 20th but only have a GZ125. I feel confident riding having now past my test 18 months. Is it ok to come with you guys? Don’t want to hold anyone up and have a friend who will stay with me if you need to leave me behind.


  6. Hi Dareth, A 125 came on the ride today. The route will be mostly A & B roads but the last step would be Motorway from Worcester to the NEC. You will be most welcome.

  7. Hi Andy,
    I really enjoyed the ride out today, it was nice to meet up with all the riders, hope to join you all again. Many thanks,
    Mike Jones.

  8. Cheers Mike. It was good to meet you. See you on another one soon.

  9. Hi Andy,
    Good to be back on the ride out’s, enjoyed Sundays ride to Malvern- good choice.


    PS Prefere the Golden Arch’s (breakfast roll and coffee) also i think it is a better more central meeting place- particularly in the winter



  10. Cheers Lee. Might go back to The ‘Arches’ then.

  11. Cheers Andy, thats just my opinion though!!



  12. Does anyone else have a preference, Mountain Monster or Golden Arches??

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