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Andy Smith is a former Police Motorcyclist with years of experience in motorcycle training at all levels. He offers training through 1stClassRider.co.uk, and ride outs through his newsletter blog right here. To contact Andy click here.

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“I thought I had a scratch down the middle of my visor”….

Bethlehem Ride Out Saturday 6th December.

Some of you may know that my wife and I foster and recently we were lucky enough to be chosen to look after a new born baby and this has meant the shuffling around a lot of work and other committments.

This means that on Saturday I am not able to lead the ride out to Bethlehem and was wondering if anyone else would like to take charge and lead the Christmas Card frenzy to the village post Office in Bethlehem.

If anyone is able to do it could you please give me a call on 07523545777 so that I can update everyone else. Or add a comment on to this Blog Post for eveyone to take a look.

Just a reminder, to get the special Christmas commemorative handstamp “Christmas Greetings From Bethlehem” your card must have a first class stamp on it.

I do apologise for the late update but I was hoping to still make it but whilst the Smith household gets re-organised it’s not possible I’m afraid.

If anyone does take the lead, I’ll pay for your breakfast!

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  1. It’s 8am and I’ve had no takers for volunteeering to lead the charge so I can only assume that no one is going!

    I’ll check for another date over the next 2 weeks to try the ride again.

  2. A Wise Man from the East! (Well Will from Bristol anyway), has come forward.
    After posting my comment above Will called me. Not to offer Gold or Frankinsense (and what is Myrrh) but to offer to take the ride all the way to Bethlehem.

    So if anyone is thinking of going Will will be at MacDonald’s to meet as usual.

    Thanks Will.

    Also just a note. As this Blog is hosted by an American server the times on each post or comment are American times and not Kaerdiff Times. So this is the 6th of December at 8.10am (and not the 5th as the Yanks think it is).

    So please go along and support Will.


  3. Oh…I see. The Yanks just caught up. Now the 6th but just gone midnight.

    Still a few hours behind but it’s okay as MacDonald’s now opens at 5am.
    5am…just think of that. you could almost live there.

  4. Just a thank you to Will for a good rideout to Bethlehem,icerink single track roads included.

  5. Yes, thanks Will especially for the ‘technical’ bits – still got some soles on my boots.
    My first time as tail end charlie -and last you say ?

  6. Thanks for riding tailend Martyn.You had the best view of the “Ice Road Bikers” Skating unsynchronized through the farmland.Perhaps we should call it “strictly come dancing-on ice”.I must compliment all yesterdays riders for not crashing,especially the girls on the Kwaka,well done.For me,that was the most challenging ride I’ve ever done in 30 years of biking,coming from Durban where there’s no frost let alone ice.

  7. Hey Will. It sounds like I picked the right day not to come. I had a chuckle when I got your voicemail telling me you were lost!

    You were going to Bethlehem…..all you had to was follow the Star!

    Thanks Will. breakfast is on me next time.

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