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Andy Smith is a former Police Motorcyclist with years of experience in motorcycle training at all levels. He offers training through 1stClassRider.co.uk, and ride outs through his newsletter blog right here. To contact Andy click here.

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Bristol Outing 12th of August

I’ve been Simpsonized !! “Woo Hoo” !

Simpsonize yourself at simpsonizeme.com

My Son did this to me but I don’t think it looks anything like me……I mean, don’t even have a Brown T Shirt!!

The next Ride Out starting over in Bristol is due for Sunday the 12th of August. Meet at Bristol Mottorrad for a 9.30am departure.

This will be a ‘Welsh Mountains and Lakes’ Ride Out.

If anyone from the Welsh side of the Bridge wants to come along please let me know by posting a ‘Comment’ below, and I will fix a meeting point so you don’t need to travel all the way to Bristol just to come back.

Come and join us for a coffee at the dealership before setting out.

The date for the next Cardiff Ride out will be Sunday the 26th of August. Details of a destination will be posted nearer the date.

Second ‘Man’ Drop Off System.

If you wish to join us on a ride out but weren’t sure that you would be able to keep up, or that you would get lost, or hold other riders back or any other reason then please be assured that the navigation system we use allows for riders of all abilities to join and enjoy the day.

At the start of the ride we nominate and identify a lead rider. (Normally Me. See picture above, ‘D’oh!’)

And we will nominate and identify a tail end rider.

Our positions in the group don’t change. So you don’t overtake the lead bike and you shouldn’t drop behind the tail end bike.

If we are travelling straight ahead we just follow the road ahead but if we are coming to a junction where we will be turning off I will indicate to the rider behind me (second ‘man’ or woman) to pull in somewhere safe, but somehwere visible to the following riders and to point the way to the following group, i.e. Whether we’ve turned left or right.

The second man will then wait until the tail end bike comes along and he will allow the rider at the side of the road to pull out infront of him (the tail ender) to re-join the group.

This allows for riders of all abilities to ride safely in the group as you don’t need to put yourself under any pressure to play ‘Catch Up’. You don’t need to keep the rider ahead in view so you can ride for yourself. You don’t need to go through red traffic lights and you don’t need to exceed speed limits as you know that up ahead there will be someone waiting to point the way.

If you wish to overtake within the group, then that is okay but please do it in a manner that is safe, lawful and considerate for other members of the group and other road users.

We at 1st Class Rider Training do not endorse or support any unlawful or anti social behaviour and we do not wish to draw adverse attention to ourselves.

Whilst travelling on the open road you should ride in a ‘staggered’ formation, off-setting your position from the rider ahead, which allows you a safe stopping distance but takes up less road space and therefore minimises the inconvenience to other road users.

When travelling in Towns or Cities and waiting at junctions or traffic lights, for example, you should close up 2 abreast. Again this takes up less space and allows for more bikes to cross the junctions when the opportunity allows.

I hope this makes some sense. If it does…..please explain it to me as I haven’t got a clue what any of it means. ‘D’oh’!

My computer is now telling me to ‘press any key to continue…’

Where’s the ‘any key, where’s the ‘any key’ ??? I don’t have an ‘any key’!!

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  1. I’m up for it, where shall we meet?
    Mike Wildcard

  2. Avoid the Trip into Bristol;

    I aim to leave the shop in Bristol about 9.30 -9.45 ish.

    We will travel over the Old Severn Bridge and leave the M4 at the Chepstow turning. Probably the best and easiest place to meet might be the Aust Services before we cross the bridge.

    As for a time I’m guesssing at 10.15-10.30.

    The first Tea stop after that would probably be the Honey Pot Cafe at Talgarth but I have no idea what time this is likely to be.

  3. hi andy keith and paul will becoming on sunday where do you advise we should meet up,poss after the severn bridge at the first roundabout might be be ok ??

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