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Andy Smith is a former Police Motorcyclist with years of experience in motorcycle training at all levels. He offers training through 1stClassRider.co.uk, and ride outs through his newsletter blog right here. To contact Andy click here.

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Christmas Teddy Run. 12th December

S5001119 I have now been able to arrange a date for the Christmas Teddy Run to the Children’s Casualty Unit at The Heath Hospital, Cardiff.

Saturday the 12th of December.

Meeting at Hein Gericke, Cardiff store on Wellington Street, Cardiff for ‘tea and toast’ before a 10.30am departure to the Children’s Casualty Unit at the Hospital.

This is not the Children’s Hospital but the Children’s Casualty Unit who deal with any children unfortunate enough to find themselves needing emergency treatment over the Christmas period.

Please bring a Teddy (or 2.. or more).  There is no need to wrap them and nothing too big please.

I can’t guarantee that there will be a child there when we arrive !!  In fact I hope not…., but the Staff know we are coming and will gladly accept the  Teddies from us.

It is believed that if a child gets attached to a toy whilst in hospital, it aids the recovery process if they can then take the toy home with them.

So we want Teddies of a size that is easy to handle, not too big and cumbersome that it will get in the way of any treatment the child is undergoing.  It is hoped that the Teddy will be a welcome distraction for the child from any treatment which they may find unpleasant such as stitches or injections.

So please support this event and if you can’t make the actual date of the run on the 12th you can deposit your Teddies at the Hein Gericke store in advance,  and we will ensure the safe arrival at the Hospital.

So come on….You know you want to…..  It’s Christmas…come on you know you’ve GOT to…

I’d like to add a big Thank You to James and Alan at Hein Gericke for letting us in early on Sunday morning and for the excellent catering that they put on for us before our soaking on the way to the NEC Bike show.  A few of us braved the elements to go and see the promo girls….I mean new bikes.

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  1. Hi Andy, I have a nice teddy bear and I will hopefully join you on Saturday – if for any reason I can’t I will make sure the teddy is at Hein Gericke.



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