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Andy Smith is a former Police Motorcyclist with years of experience in motorcycle training at all levels. He offers training through 1stClassRider.co.uk, and ride outs through his newsletter blog right here. To contact Andy click here.

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Free Bike Training?

Well, not quite free bike training but you might get your equivalent fees back in Utility savings.

With the press recently highlighting the rapid rise in fuel prices why not give these people a call.

With the so called Credit Crunch, crunching every one’s credit it’s more important than ever to get the best for you cash.

Utility Warehouse can offer all your home and business utilities in one easy bill and can save you a whole lot of money in the process. Gas, Electricity, Broadband, Home Phone and Mobile.

(You even get a free laptop if you take their internet service!!)

You can explore the savings for any, or all of these services with one free phone call. o800 131 3000 & quote reference number B12771

In a ‘Which’ Report today The Utility Warehouse came out on top for Customer Satisfaction, Support, and most importantly Value for Money. This was pitched against the Big Boys such as British Gas, N Power and all those others who are charging loads for what Utility Warehouse can provide usually a whole lot cheaper.

Normally the ‘Which’ Reports are smack on the mark with their research.

So why not give them a call. Anyway of saving money must be worth a free phone call.

The advisor will talk you through the process and with no obligation, can tell you how much you can save on your current bills.

We did it and we get our Gas and Electricity cheaper and free phone calls from home.

They don’t even charge you for the phone call. Try it and see how much you can save.

Ring 0800 131 3000 and quote this unique reference number B12771

You might just get your training fees back…….so then you can book more training and pass all your savings on to me!! Or just think how many breakfasts you might be able to buy with your savings. Now that has got to be worth a free phone call. Wake up and smell the bacon!

Seriously though…. Give them a call. Let me know how you get on.

0800 131 3000 Ref B12771

Don’t forget the Ride Out, Sunday the 12th. See the previous blog posts for full details.

One last thing……does anyone want to buy my bike?

(Just thinking about the possibility of changing it)…..now that should get a few comments ….not least from someone down in Plymouth maybe…..

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  1. Hi Andy Kevin (black r6)

    just a thought and perhaps too late if u have planned routes etc but have u considered doing this run again and instead going to this weekends Western beach race which is awsome to spectate and weather permitting would be a not too far nice ride/nice day out just a thought

    kind regards


    p.s. if indeed too late to change then gareth and i will catch u on the next one

  2. Hi Kevin. I didn’t realise the Beach Race was on this weekend.

    What I’ll have to is put it to a vote on the day and see where people want to go.

    I’ve never been to the Weston Event but I’ve heard it’s a bit wild.

    It would be nice to go and just sit in a deck chair on the Pier and……or maybe not.

  3. Hi Andy

    yep fair enough theres a stunt show on at 11 til 12 then the main solo race starts til 3ish just so u know the timings


  4. Hi Chums,

    Sorry I had to leave you all a bit sooner than normal today but it was nice to see a few new faces on the ride out,. And it is always nice to see the ‘old’ ones too!!

    Thanks again for your generosity as I collected £55 for the NSPCC.

    Big thanks for that.

    I will up date you on the next blog with a running total.


  5. Andy,
    I sort of caught part of the conversation, did I hear right that there has’nt been much take up for the coach trip to the NEC.If thats the case are you or might you fancy doing it on bikes (I might be able to book leave for the day if you do)If not what are the drawbacks as I’ve never been.
    Cheers ears.

  6. I have only had a few inquiries about the coach trip. I will check with Anthony, the coach operator to see if he has had any bookings direct to his shop.

    I will get an up date as soon as I can.

    Last year there wasn’t much interest in doing a coach trip but we did go on bikes.

    I’ll let you all know as soon as possible.

    Thanks to all who joined the ride out yesterday.

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