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Andy Smith is a former Police Motorcyclist with years of experience in motorcycle training at all levels. He offers training through 1stClassRider.co.uk, and ride outs through his newsletter blog right here. To contact Andy click here.

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Hoggin the Bridge 2009

PA150215Hi Chums,  I just want to make a slight change of plan for the next ride out.  Scheduled for next Sunday the 18th of October.  The plan was to make our way North to the Stafford Bike Show but that was before I realised that this Sunday is the 10th Bridgewater HOG Charity Bike Ride ‘HOGGIN THE BRIDGE.’

For a £10 entry fee you can join the 3 or 4 thousand other bikers, mostly Harleys (although all makes are welcome), as they ride over the Old Severn Bridge, and then take a scenic route into Chepstow where there are plenty of biker friendly events awaiting you.

If anyone wishes to take part you can meet with me at the normal place, MacDonalds, Coryton Interchange, junction 32 of the M4 for a 10am departure (so a bit of a lie in).  We will then make our way over to the Aust Services on the English side of the Old Bridge to leave at 11am (ish) to Hog the Bridge.

This is quite a spectacle….so come and make a spectacle of yourself….I’ve got an old Harley leather jacket somewhere so weather permitting I’ll hang up my Dayglo and ruff it with the rest! (If the truth be known..I’ve also got Harley jeans, gloves, a shirt, Instructor’s cap, boots, waterproofs and a wrist watch somewhere – but don’t tell anyone)

So come and join us for a Jolly Good Hoggin.

Come on… you know you want to.

Also, watch this space for a details of a 1st Class Rider link up with Hein Gericke in Cardiff.

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  1. i only just got the e mail so i guess i have missed it it was today the 11 oct

  2. According to the Bridgewater HOG Web Site it’s the 18th. But I guess I’ll have to check again.

    There might be another change of plan for me anyway……..

  3. Just checked on http://www.hogginthebridge.co.uk and it says it’s the 18th.

  4. Was on duty at 11 today and unless it was the smallest hog ever all was quite.

  5. thanks andy let us know what your doing
    al the best

  6. This is a charity event, are you try to promote your business, i dont think you are part of the Bridgewater club, and the event is also promoted by Gwent Bike safe team.If you are making money from the event, give some up to the cause.

  7. as usual, a great sight to behold, thousands upon thousands of bikes, weather good and great support in and around Chepstow, hope to see you all next year.

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