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Andy Smith is a former Police Motorcyclist with years of experience in motorcycle training at all levels. He offers training through 1stClassRider.co.uk, and ride outs through his newsletter blog right here. To contact Andy click here.

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July Ride Out & some other stuff

The next ride out is scheduled for Sunday the 25th of July. Meeting at Hein Gericke Cardiff for a send off after a cuppa and a loaf of toast (well that’s me anyway!) departing at 10am for a scenic rote to Aberdare Park Motorcycle Road Races.

On Sunday racing starts at noon this leaves us time for a nice ride and a breakfast at The ‘World Famous’ Hot Pot Cafe. ( if it isn’t World Famous…. It should be). I had heard that the Hot Pot may be closed on the day but I’m going to see if he will open if we can get enough bikes to justify it. So please let me know if you are joining us.

Remember the Hot Pot is the place where they serve the breakfast on a plate the size of a tea tray! So this is not to be missed.

Aberdare Park Motorcycle Road Races is a fantastic event in an unbelievable venue. With lap speeds of almost 100 mph this is amazing as they are racing on the footpaths and roadway inside the park. With spectators allowed close access and view points that mean you can smell the sweat on the racers as they go past. No little dots in the distance like many race circuits but as close to the action as you will get without taking part yourself.

Come and join us. It’s a fab event.

August Ride Out.
An advance warning for the August ride out for Saturday the 28th of August.

This is the charity run for Ride Out regular Francis Maxey, who is raising money for the Marie Curie Cancer Trust.

Sadly, Francis’ life long partner recently passed away having suffered with Cancer so he is raising money for the Trust in her memory.

He is riding, with us to send him on his way, from Riders of Cardiff at Sloper Road, Cardiff. The meeting time will be confirmed but will be approx 10am.

Francis is riding across Europe and on to the Sinai! We will be going as far as Stonehenge. …….

If anyone wishes to come along please feel free. Let’s support him and make a donation for this most worthy cause.

I’ll post a reminder nearer the date.

Slow Manouevering & Emergency Braking Day.
Scheduled for Saturday 31st July.

This is a one day course where we will teach you the art of slow control and you can get a taste of what we had to go through before we were let loose on the road on a patrol bike. Also you will get to try some of the exercises recently introduced for the new two part motorcycle test. Would you be able to pass it? Come and give it a go.

Also on the day we will teach you the technique for safe emergency braking and you will get to try it in the wet as we ‘make it rain’ just for you to practice emergency stops in the wet.

This is a full day course and spaces will be limited to just 10 bikes per course.

The cost of this course will be just £90 per person and that is amazing value. (a Cbt cost more than that).

If you wish to book a place or just want more details please contact me. As soon as possible.

Book Keeper Wanted.
If there is anyone out there with any book keeping skills who is able to help me make sense of my bills, receipts and invoices etc please contact me as I’d be very interested in giving you some work on a casual or part time basis.

Please give me a call or email if you fit the bill.

Just a reminder there is also a News Blog’ page on my main website. Check it out and you can follow it automatically with a RSS feed. (hark at me. Pretending to know about computers and stuff).

So come on chums join us on a ride out

Come on….. You know you want to….

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  1. Hi Andy,
    I dont know whats happened, but the monthly rideouts always seem to coincide with weekends when I’m working these days. Are they going to be generally on the last Sunday of every month from now on.If so I’ll have to try re arrange my committments

  2. Have been getting your news letter/rideout details for months and as the wife is playing golf have decided to join you for the first time on July 25th. Will find you at Hein Gericke hope this is OK.

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