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Andy Smith is a former Police Motorcyclist with years of experience in motorcycle training at all levels. He offers training through 1stClassRider.co.uk, and ride outs through his newsletter blog right here. To contact Andy click here.

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Knee Down Course??

p1010531On the Blog Post a few weeks ago a comment was placed by ‘Gareth’ asking if I knew of any ‘Knee Down’ or Wheelie Courses……. Well as it happens.

I’ve sourced a flyer advertising the following, based at Chepstow Racecourse. (Personally I think it would scare the horses).

‘Knee Down School.  100% Success Rate.  Using a specially adapted bike they won’t guarantee that you will get your knee down, but they can’t make it any easier.’

The bike is fitted with a pivoting stabiliser on the side to protect the rider from slides, but enabling you to lean the bike further, in complete confidence’.  They give the mobile number 07967 783813 with a web site www.kneedown.org.uk   They also proclaim that they run a Wheelie School.

No prices are quoted so give them a call if you fancy having a go.  I’m not a fan myself but it looks like it might be a bit of fun.

Before you decide to have a go I’ll just give a snippet from an article by Andy Ibbott of the California Superbike School, in Motorcycle News about body positioning.  ‘To hang off or not to hang off’?  He makes the following comment,

He says, “Some of the smoothest and fastest riders you will come across on the roads sit bolt upright and you will be hard pushed to out run them if you insist on hanging off in every possible kind of corner out there. These riders are of course bike cops, on ST1100s fully loaded with all manner of heavy radio equipment. With limited ground clearance. On skinny tyres. If they can get away so well without hanging off, then anyone can”.

So you decide,  Knee Down School or an ‘advanced sratch’ over the Welsh mountains.    Knee down…mountain scratch…knee down… scratch…… umm.

See you tommorrow on the Monthly Scratch…….I mean Ride Out!

The Picture Above?

The bike wasn’t dropped but on a bit of a run in the German mountains last year, whilst ‘following’ a BMW Z3 the rider of this bike was sparking going around the bends.  So we leaned the bike over to see what it was that was scratching on the road, and just how far it will go over, and still keep on track around the bend. (The bikes are far more capable of going around a bend than ‘we’ are).

I know what kind of training I’d spend my money on.

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  1. Andy thank you very much for that information on the courses at Chepstow greatly appreciated looks like it could be fun although I do wonder if I can get my bike through the MOT with the stabilisers on ……….. or even the severn bridge crossing!

  2. No problem. You’ve got to be careful sticking a stabliser on your bike. With extra wheels you might have to start paying to cross The Bridge.

  3. Just Had the following email from Jules.

    Thanks for another superb rideout yesterday Andy……….you certainly know how to look after your chums………and we’re bright enough to work out how to meet up again when half of us go one way and half the other !!

    It was great to see young Nathan riding so well……it must be a Guinness Book of Records job to be riding at that level after only starting from scratch in January…….a fine advertisement for the quality of tuition at 1stClassRider……(I must have gone to the wrong school…….UMT !!)

    See you on the next one mate.

    Julian……aka Biker Jules

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