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Andy Smith is a former Police Motorcyclist with years of experience in motorcycle training at all levels. He offers training through 1stClassRider.co.uk, and ride outs through his newsletter blog right here. To contact Andy click here.

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In Motorcycle News this week the front page proclaims that The Police want all bikes banned from British Roads.

This comes from ACPO (The Association of Chief Police Officers), one officer in particular, Merredydd Hughes. An ex Cardiff Copper who is now Chief Constable of Fantasy Land Constabulary somewhere oop north,(where all the burglars wear eye masks and stripy jumpers with a bag marked ‘Swag’).

Chief constable Hughes, to my knowledge has no Traffic Policing expereince whatsoever so he is the perfect choice to be put in charge of Road Policing at ACPO. Convicted several times for speeding himself and recently banned for doing 90 in a 60 whilst on his hols in North Wales. He has delivered what seems to be an ill informed report to ACPO calling all bikes just ‘Motorised Toys, with no place on British Roads’.

Surely he needs to pay a visit to his nearest Ann Summers store and shove a ‘Motorised Toy’ right up his ASSociation of Chief Police Officers!

Also in MCN is a brill report about a bloke who is reported to be a ‘frustrated Police Motorcyclist’ marking up his Pan European in lovely shiny stripy bits, mounting a camera on his head and following and filming speeding bikers before threatening to hand over the footage to Police.

He can’t possibly be passing himself off as a Police Bike cop as the photo clearly shows him weighing far less than the 26 stone required! And he doesn’t appear to have a knife and fork any where in his tool kit!.

As the Sign above says……… times 2.

Don’t forget the Charity ride out on the 16th and our Bike Show ride out on the 30th.

If Med Hughes has his way the NEC will be empty of bikes. That means it will just be the Pole Dancers and the Promo Girls left. Nice one Chief I’m up for that kind of show…… who needs bikes anyway.

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  1. Just a quickie, Mr Rossi is driving in the Wales GB rallie in the Millenium Stadium on 6th Dec in the evening. He’ll probably do most of the circuit on 2 wheels anyway!

  2. Like you Andy I am familiar with Mr Hughes and as far as I can remember he has very little experience other than attending courses and attachments intended to enhance his promotion prospects,hence the speeding convictions,the speed limit was was’nt important to his own self interest.Just as his views on motorcycles and motorcyclists is probably fuelled by self interest and nothing to to with road safety.He must surely be planning his retirement with the inspectorate

  3. Hi Andy

    just to let u know in case john hasnt told u the victory rideout all went very well – no incidents other than crap weather on the way back-doh.

    anyway can u do me a favour and let everyone know that i am going to sell my garmin 550 on ebay shortly but would prefer it to go to a member on here.Ive got all the gubbins it came with box/cert/cd etc but just dont use it since my ktm went (wont even fit the r6!) its 12 months old,all perfect,they retail for 499 but ill take any serious offers over 300 notes.

    hopefully u can pass it on in your next blog.

    anyone can contact me at theduke748@hotmail.com if they would like further info

    regards kevin

  4. Cheers Kevin.

    Will do. I’ll mention it on the next blog up date.

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