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Andy Smith is a former Police Motorcyclist with years of experience in motorcycle training at all levels. He offers training through 1stClassRider.co.uk, and ride outs through his newsletter blog right here. To contact Andy click here.

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Next Ride Out ?

Happy New Year my biking chums!  Here is a bit of an up date about a few things coming up.

In this Blog;  Monthly Ride Out,  Bike Maintenance Course,  Amsterdam Trip,  Advanced Riding Course, Afghan Heroes Ride to Wootton Bassett.

Monthly Ride Out.

Firstly, I won’t be able to do a ride out this month.  My Wife had a fall before Christmas and broke her wrist, (Not Snow or Drink related).  As we have a two year old toddler I can’t leave either of them on their own, and I can’t fit them both on the back of the bike for the day, so I won’t be doing a ride out this month.

If anyone was planning having a ride and wouldn’t mind taking along a gang then please let me know through this blog and I’ll spread the word.

Bike Maintenance Course.

We have had a few requests for a basic maintenance course so we are going to run one.  This will  be an evening event, based at a local Garage Workshop. Local to me, but not necessarily to you!

The date is to be fixed but at the moment I am looking for approximate numbers, to see who may be interested.  This will be a three hour session with the opportunity for practical hands on experience, with a quiz, and refreshments.  It will cover basic vehicle safety checks, chain adjustment, brakes and puncture repair techniques etc.  The cost will be £50 and spaces will be limited so get your name on the list.

(Robin, this is why I didn’t answer your tyre question as I was hoping to run this before Christmas, so I hope your wheel hasn’t fallen off!).

Amsterdam March 11th, 12th, 13th.  Pre-Trip Meeting.

Pre-Trip Meeting.  Saturday the 19th February. 11am at The Travellers Rest, Caerphilly Mountain.

This will be a meeting for those who have booked to go on the trip, and also for those who may have expressed an interest but not yet made a firm booking.  At the meeting I will issue maps and ferry booking details and answer any questions you may have.

So if you are still undecided come along, meet the group and get your name on the list. We still have a few places left so don’t miss out.  Give a call to ensure you get a space on the trip.  Just a few spaces left.  (For those of you who may have enquired about the trip…if you haven’t given me your bike registration details then you are not booked on the list so please don’t miss out).

For details of the trip see the previous blog posts.

Advanced Riding Course.  9th April.

This is it!.  This is the (long awaited) four day Advanced Riding Course.  Commencing Saturday April 9th.

Just £500.  That’s only £125 per day – You can pay £125 for a CBT so this is amazing value.

Four days spread over a number of weeks to suit each individual.  This course is based on the ‘Police System of Motorcycle Control – Roadcraft’ and gives the candidate the opportunity to take the RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Test at the end of the course, (although you don’t have to).  This may suit those who have expressed an interest in becoming a RoSPA Observer within the Advanced Motorcycle Group.  In order to become an observer you must first achieve the RoSPA Gold Standard.  This is certainly achievable on this course, though this is dependant on your performance on the final test ride. But this course has something to offer everyone.

It will show you how to get the best out of your bike……before it gets the better of you.

The course consists of classroom based theory followed by a period of self practice, and then instructor lead (2:1) on road practical training rides.  Each phase after the classroom can be spread to suit your needs.  On each practical on road session you will cover approximately 150 – 200 miles using some of the most interesting and challenging roads Wales has to offer and you will even the get the chance to visit ‘Grim Reaper Bend’… not to be missed!

The course will cover, cornering and cornering forces, how to analyse the limit point of a bend, how to read the road, observation links, overtaking and much more.  I know some of you have been waiting for some time for a space on the course so don’t miss out.  Get your name on the list.  Spaces are limited and are likely to be snapped up.

Afghan Heroes Wootton Bassett Ride. 3rd April.

If you didn’t do the last one, do this one.  If you did do the last one..do this one as well.

The date has been set for Sunday the 3rd of April and you must pre-register your attendance on the Afghan Heroes Web Site.  You must pick a time slot for your arrival.  I’m going to arrange a ride out to the event and last time I looked the last hourly slot of the morning is probably the best time to suit.

This was an immense event last year, and very emotive riding through the town, being applauded by the families of fallen heroes.  Them showing their appreciation for us!  This ride is a way that you can show your respect and appreciation for them.  There is no politics in this.  Whether you agree with the fight that they are involved in or not is not the issue.  The issue is to show respect for those who have fallen or been injured in battle and give support to their proud families who will make you feel very humble indeed as you ride past.

This is a must do event.  What better excuse to get your bike out!

So I hope there is something there of interest to you…if not let me know and I’ll see what I can come up with!

So get your name on a list,  get your name on all the lists.

Come on…..you know you want to!

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