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Andy Smith is a former Police Motorcyclist with years of experience in motorcycle training at all levels. He offers training through 1stClassRider.co.uk, and ride outs through his newsletter blog right here. To contact Andy click here.

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Next Ride Out Starting in Cardiff 9th March

Come and join us on an Historical trip to the small Welsh border village of Pilleth.

It was at Pilleth in 1402 that Owain Glyndwyr met an Army of approximately 4000 English troopers, intent on invading into Wales.

Owain Glyndwyr with his smaller band of followers took up a defensive position on the hillside overlooking the village.

The English bowmen firing up hill could not reach the defending Welsh, whose bowmen, had the advantage of the higher ground.

They proceeded to mercilessly slaughter the invaders as they tried to climb the hillside.

The English Army was lead by Edmund Mortimer who had recruited a large number of Welsh archers into his army. But the Welsh bowmen seeing the way the battle was going quickly changed allegiances and sided with Owain Glyndwyr turning their bows on the English. (As Agent Mulder once said in the X Files…..’Trust No One’! )

The English were defeated and it is said that the formation of Wellington Trees planted on the hillside marks a mass grave of both Welsh and English soldiers who lost their lives there that day.

But apart from all that…It’s a cracking ride to get there !

So why not join us at MacDonald’s at junction 32, Coryton Interchange this Sunday the 9th of March, for a 10am departure.

All Welcome, Welsh, English and any descendants of the early Welsh Traitors.

Just a reminder on a couple of things.


I’ll be collecting once again, donations for the NSPCC, who have written and thanked us for our previous donations.

Cheaper Bills.

Also a few ‘blogs’ ago I published an item about the Utility Wharehouse, for cheaper gas, electricity and phone bills. They have just achieved a Five Star Rating in Which Magazine, so they might be worth a look to save yourselves some money.

Non Slip Man hole Covers

This is no joke, I have received a circular from the Motorcycle Action Group relating to ‘sticky non slip’ man hole covers which are being researched for use to improve motorcycle safety, particularly where they are placed on bends. A bit of non slip, sticky stuff is always useful don’t you think.

I’ll publish the full more detailed report later. It’s quite interesting….. well a bit interesting,… well it’s about man hole covers so it’s not very interesting at all really. Now if they removed all the man hole covers and just left a big hole……… now that would make riding very interesting.

See you Sunday….if your interested!

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  1. Hi Chums.

    Thanks to those who braved the forecast deluge today and joined us on the ride out. We were lucky with the weather.

    Thanks for your generosity today as we raised £52 as a donation for the NSPCC.

    Nice one and thanks again.

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