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Andy Smith is a former Police Motorcyclist with years of experience in motorcycle training at all levels. He offers training through 1stClassRider.co.uk, and ride outs through his newsletter blog right here. To contact Andy click here.

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Not just one but two! ‘Ride Outs’ that is.

Who could resist a ‘Hot Pot’ Cafe Steak special Breakfast!

Steve, the bloke who runs the Hot Pot has since told me that the Steak Special is for “School boys and virgins” and the big boys breakfast is the Pork Chop Special! (Is anyone going to give that one a go). Go on…….. I’ve done my bit – School boy or virgin though, I’m not sure. (Photo courtesy of Oddball. Better known as Paul Philips Photography).

Not just one Ride Out but two.

Now I know there has been a bit of confusion about the Bus trip, bike trip bus trip bike trip. It’s been a bit like the Tommy Cooper routine, “Spoon jar jar jar spoon”.

But now I think I can bring some order.

We will do a ride out to the NEC Bike Show on Sunday the 30th of November.

This will be followed by our traditional Christmas visit to Bethlehem. This will be on Saturday the 6th of December.

The starting point for each ride out will be the usual. MacDonald’s at Coryton Interchange at junction 32 of the M4. Departure times will be 9am for each ride.

The route for the NEC Bike Show will be via Abergavenny to Hereford and then on to Worcester after a quick tea stop in……. now let me see…..where can we stop…… oh yes MacDonald’s in Hereford. At least we know they will be open as Tesco refused us entry one year as we got there 10 minutes before opening time. As they say, ‘Every Little Helps…but you are not coming in’. So MacDonald’s it is.

We will join the motorway at Worcester for the last leg in to the show.

For the Bethlehem trip the route will be over some mountain or other, and the purpose for those who haven’t been before, is to post your Christams cards at the village Post Office. Any cards deposited at the Post Office bearing a FIRST CLASS (that sounds like a good name for a motorcycle training school), yes a FIRST CLASS STAMP, will then be adorned with a commemorative hand stamp declaring “Christmas Greetings from Bethlehem”.


Normally the on the first Saturday of December they hold a small but nice Christmas Fair at the Community Centre in the village. I haven’t been able to confirm if the Fair is on this year but we can still deposit your cards at the Post Office.

Don’t forget it must be a First Class Stamp as the cheap skates with second class don’t get the handstamp.

I was thinking about all of us in the ‘ride out gang’ putting on a Nativity Play for the festive season…….but I didn’t think we could find 3 wise men or a Virgin!

Any suggestions?

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  1. Ah … but a donkey wouldn’t be so hard 😉

    Might meet you at the show as I’m up north that weekend and intending to return Sunday via sunny Brum and the delights of the Bike Show.

    Up for the Bethlehem ride the following weekend though!

    Have a good ride!


  2. Does’nt the steak breakfast qualify you as a “Virgin” Andy – now the Virgin Mary in a “dayglo” I’d pay money to see that

  3. Bless You My Son

  4. Hey Andy, gonna join you lot this year for the Bethlehem trip – never got to make it in the past, so really looking forward to it. I will try and get a few others too! Are you coming along the motorway to junction 33 on the way, or is it over a mountain straight away? Let me know!

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