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Some Ride Out News for January Feb &March.

Rorke’s Drift Victoria Cross Memorial Ride Out. Saturday the 24th of January 2015.

To mark the 136th Anniversary of the Battle of Rorke’s Drift on the 22nd to the 23rd of January 1879 a Parade and Graveside Service will take place at the Church at Llantarnam, Cwmbran.

This being the final resting place of Private John Fielding VC. Awarded his VC for his valour during the defence of the Mission Station during the Zulu Wars, when he defended the hospital building in hand to hand combat for over an hour during the attacks.

John Fielding enrolled as John Williams and at his death he was the oldest surviving VC holder from the battle. Buried with full military honours and his funeral parade was filmed by British Pathe News and can be viewed on You Tube.

After the service we will ride to the border village of Peterchurch where we will visit the grave of Private Robert Jones VC, the second of the Welsh VC holders.

Robert Jones VC passed away in what was suspected (but disputed by some) as a suicide. He was buried in the Church Yard at Peterchurch but his headstone is reversed and faces away from the body and away from the Church. Due to the Church believing that Jones had committed suicide, initially they refused to allow his burial in the Church but later relented after appeals. They did however refuse to allow Jones’ coffin to be carried through the Church gate and it had to be man handled over the wall. (The Grave of Robert Jones VC is pictured here).

Two very different tales of two very heroic Welsh Soldiers whose bravery lives on.

We have done a ride out to visit here before but this is to coincide with the Annual Parade & Service for John Fielding.

Meeting at Caerphilly Mountain Snack Bar at 9am for an early departure. Due to the Parade there will be a road closure from 10.30am so we will need to be inside the closure limits before then.

‘Zulu’, We’ve all seen the film, but now you can come and pay your respects to the real heroes of that remarkable historic event.


February Ride Out. Sunday the 8th of February, to the Classic Bike Show at the Bath & West Showground at Shepton Mallet.

Details will be posted here closer to the event.


March Ride Out Sunday 15th of March to the Thames Head Inn near Cirencester to the Source of the River Thames. Last time I went there was no water there!! So this time I’m going to take along my own bucket to help it along. Further details will be posted closer to the date.


Our Next Big Event is our 3 Countries Advanced Motorcycle Course. May 12th to the 17th. This is a unique opportunity to get intense training to the highest level. You will get the opportunity to take all three advanced tests & assessments for the RoSPA , IAM & Enhanced Rider Schemes.

We still have a few spaces available. Check out the details here or visit the ‘Advanced Training’ page or our website for full details. You won’t be disappointed!








Come on….. you know you want to….

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Don’t forget the Teddy Bear Run tomorrow & a farewell to a Biker


Oh no!!!!! I nearly forgot.

Just a reminder, it’s our Christmas Hospital Teddy Bear Run tomorrow. Meeting at 10 am at Caerphilly Mountain Snack Bar, ( which is a snack bar….. On Caerphilly Mountain…) to ride down to the Children’s Casualty Unit at UHW Heath Hospital for approximately 11am.

Then a ride out to Caerwent, & Chepstow to find some food.

Join us if you can, but make sure you bring a little cuddly friend with you to leave at the Hospital.

But now some sad news.

You may have heard that two bikers were killed in separate incidents a few weeks ago. One at Storey Arms on the Brecon Beacons and the other, Lloyd, at Leckwith on the Ely Link Road.

Lloyd was well known to members of the the Dragon Bikers & Welsh Bikers Forums.

A memorial ‘cruise’ has been organised by his friends on the Dragon Bikers & Welsh bikers Forums and they are meeting on Sunday evening at the services at Junction 33- Cardiff West Services at the top of Ely Link Road. Meeting at 7.30 pm if any of you want to attend.

Make sure you are all careful out there!

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Ride Out to NEC Bike Show. 30th November


Do need to see what’s new in the World of Motorcycling? If so, join us on our annual visit to the Bike Show at the NEC. Motorcycle Live 2014.

Sunday the 30th of November. Meeting at Caerphilly Mountain Snack Bar for 8.30. Please note that this is an early meet as its a long way to go! A bit of motorway, then scenic and then a bit of motorway again, stopping for breakfast on the way.

You can get tickets in advance of the show at the ‘Motorcycle Live’ website. Adult Advance tickets are £17 or £20 on the door. Also on the website there is an offer to buy your ticket for £20 and you get a pack of three Oxford Comfys – Neck Buffs.

If you haven’t been to the show before then it is a ‘must do’.

Bikes, bits, bobs, boobs, stuff, and things.

If you can’t make this Ride Out – Don’t forget our Hospital Teddy Bear Run on the 7th of December.
“it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”……

Come on….. You know you want to…..

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Ride Outs Resuming. Gun Powder Plot, Bike Show, Teddy Bears and More


After a bit of a break, our Ride Outs are resuming.

This Blog gives details below of the following events. I hope you can join us.

Sunday 26th October. Join Members of South East Wales Advanced Riders for a ride out.

Saturday 8th November. Gun Powder Plot – Last Stand Ride Out.

November on a date to be fixed. NEC Birmingham for the Bike Show.

Sunday December 7th. Teddy Bear Run to UHW.

May 2015. 12th – 17th. Our next 3 Countries Advanced Course.

Here are the details.

Sunday 26th of October. Join Dave Payne and members of the South East Wales Advanced Riders & Blood Bikes Team for a Ride Out to the Magnificent Elan Valley. This is a stunning place whatever the weather.
Meeting at 9.30 at MacDonald’s – The Golden Arches next to Asda at Coryton Interchange at junction 32 of the M4.

Pick up plenty of tips from some expert riders. They are a great bunch, and they don’t bite…. except for the Egg McMuffin. So feel free to join them. ( I can’t come along as I’m working but rest assured that Dave will look after you).

Gun Powder Plot – Last Stand Ride Out. Saturday the 8th of November

Gun Powder Plot – Last Stand Ride Out. Saturday the 8th of November.
We all know that Guy Fawkes was discovered beneath the Houses of Parliament in the early hours of the 5th of November in 1605, foiling the Gun Powder Plot, but do you know where the last stand of the remaining, fleeing rebels took place on the 8th of November. Pictured in the engraving above, the house where the conspirators were captured and some were killed, still stands. It is now a private nursing home so we may not get in….. as we may not get out again! But the ride out will take us there to hear the story of that fateful day.

Meeting at Caerphilly Mountain Snack Bar at 9.30 to depart shortly after!

Our Annual Trip to the NEC Bike Show/strong>

On a date to be fixed towards the end of November show dates we will visit the show where all the shiny things live. You know… All the shiny things that you didn’t realise that you simply couldn’t live without until you got there.

Meeting at Caerphilly Mountain Snack Bar for a 9am DEPARTURE. Please note its an earlier start, because it’s a long way! The date will be fixed and published shortly.

The Umpteenth Christmas Hospital Teddy Bear Run.

Sunday December the 7th. Please bring a Teddy Bear, or two, or three, or more.
The turn out and response was outstanding last year with thousands of Teddy Bears finding a new home for Christmas, so please help again this year. You don’t need to wrap them. Just bring them along. Smaller Teddies are better, as we can fit more in and won’t get in the way of any treatment that the kids are having, like a Giant Ted would.

Meeting at Caerphilly Mountain Snack Bar at 10am to depart to the Children’s Casualty Unit at the University Hospital of Wales – Heath Hospital.

3 Countries Advanced Motorcycle Course May 2015

The dates have been set for our next 3 Countries Advanced Motorcycle Course. The Classroom based Theory Presentation is scheduled for Tuesday the 12th of May, with us departing for Scotland on Wednesday the 13th until Sunday the 17th.

For full details of this outstanding and intense training experience please take a look at the Advanced Training page of our main website.

So please join us on these events if you can, and if anyone wants more details of the 3 Countries Course, or to speak to those who have already done it, please let me know.

Text me on 07545567273 or email me and I will get details to you.

The Ride Outs are back. Join us…… Come on you know you want to…..

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Ride Out this Saturday the 6th.

 Join the Riders Ride Out this Saturday the 6th of September.

Meeting at Riders Motorcycles at Sloper Road, Cardiff at 9.30am.

This Ride Out is being organised by Dave Payne of the South East Wales Advanced Riders Group.  You will get to meet some great people who are all mad about bikes.  Also they will be willing and able to give you some pointers on any aspect of biking.  This is a great opportunity to find out about the RoSPA Group and the Advanced Test.

As usual the ride outs are free but a collection will be made in favour of The Blood Bikes fund.

The ride out is aiming up to The Owl’s Nest where you are always assured a warm welcome.


And if this Ride Out gives you a taste for advanced riding, we still have space for you on our 3 Countries Advanced Course which starts on the 16th of September, with the classroom based theory day and we depart for Scotland on the 17th.  You will get the opportunity to take the RoSPA Test at the end of the course for which we have a 100% pass rate!

Come on…. you know you want to…

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