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Andy Smith is a former Police Motorcyclist with years of experience in motorcycle training at all levels. He offers training through 1stClassRider.co.uk, and ride outs through his newsletter blog right here. To contact Andy click here.

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Be Part of This. Support Afghan Heroes

Sunday Marcwristbandsh the 14th.  (Mother’s Day).  Join in this momentous Mega Ride Out in support of Afghan Heroes.  The charity ‘Afghan Heroes’ was set up by the Mother of a British Soldier who was killed in active service in Afghanistan.

The event on the 14th of March is intended to raise money for the charity which gives support and home comforts for serving soldiers, and support and help for the families of those killed in action.

To take part you must pre-register, with your bike details.  The event will meet at Leigh Delamare (EASTBOUND) Services on the M4 (near junction 17).  Each rider will pay £5 and be given an Afghan Heroes wristband, and this will be needed to gain entry to RAF Lynham on the day.

The group will meet from 10.30am and leave the services en masse at 12noon.  The group will ride through the town of Wooton Bassett before entering the RAF base which is so emotionally connected with returning fallen heroes.  All the fivers raised will go towards the charity.

To register visit www.afghanheroes.org.uk/bikersevent.asp   The website declares that the entry has just reached 3000 bikes !  Registration must be completed by the 15th of February.

Visit the Afghan Heroes website for full details.

Come on… you know you must!

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  1. Hi, i play in a band and i would like to offer our services, if anyone is holding a charity event for this charity or any other worthwhile charity give me a ring (07940476328)and we will come and play free of charge. (maybe a small charge if we have to travel too far)

  2. Hi Ashley, That’s a fab offer. But as I’m not organising the main event it might be better if you passed your offer through the main ‘Afghan Heroes’ website. I’ll certainly keep you in mind in case there is anything that comes up. There’s a few members of the ride out group who support differing charities so they might take you up on your offer. I support the NSPCC and do this with a collection on each ride out. Join us on the ride out on Sunday and we can have a chat. Cheers

  3. I’m interested in the Belgium run. Late March.


  4. Ok, The wife and I are booked up for the Wooton Basset run. When I last checked the figures were:

    Total number of bikes registered: 9145

    Total number of riders registered: 12620 (inc pillion)

    Originally the organisers were expecting around 1000, they won’t know what hit them. It just goes to show how people feel about the plight of our boys out there.

    I guess with numbers like that there’s no chance of any of us staying together or even finding each other at the airfield.

    Should be a memorable day.

    Andy Jenkins.

  5. Andy,
    I have recieved an e-mail this morning 12/02/10 to say that registration for the Wotton Basset run has now been closed at 10,333 bikes.
    What a response.

  6. Do you know that the Afghan Heroes Run is now meeting at Hullavington Airfield instead of Leigh Delamare?

  7. I have just found out about this gathering. My son is in the army. We are upset at being told to stay away.

    H Benson.

  8. Reply for Howard Benson. I think the organisers were asking non registered bikes to stay away from the mereting point not from the event itself. As it happened there were far more than the expected 10,000 bikes and some estimates put it at three or four times that amount. The streets were lined with residents all along the route and this must have raised some exceptional funds for the charity but more importantly this was a non political show of respect for those serving and to honour those who have fallen.

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