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Andy Smith is a former Police Motorcyclist with years of experience in motorcycle training at all levels. He offers training through 1stClassRider.co.uk, and ride outs through his newsletter blog right here. To contact Andy click here.

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Ride Out 16th August.. Last Call

This is the last call for the Ride Out on the 16th, as the meals need to be booked.  If you wish to join us but haven’t already put your name on the list, either with me or with Kevin at Rider’s you will need to do this before Tuesday.

We are up to about 55 – 60 so far so don’t miss out on this Summer Event.  For just £10 (payable in advance) for Sunday lunch.

If you’ve put your names forward for the list but haven’t paid yet please do this over the weekend, or there’ll be no food for you!


If you fancy a laugh take a look at the Met Bike Cops parking fiasco.  Going for a Domino World Record.  The picture in this week’s Motorcycle News tells it all.  It doesn’t mention putting the side stand down in Roadcraft!

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  1. Thanks Andy for a great rideout to Rhyader yesterday.I hope you raised plenty for the RSPCC.On the return leg,Russ from Riders took us down some awesome roads that I haven’t driven,Superb!!

  2. Good day yesterday. Pity about the mix up by Brecon with the other BMW group, hope it doesn’t put any of the ‘new members’ off. And I’m sure I speak for all the guys there in saying that I hope the guy from Riders (didn’t catch his name) recovers OK, that knee looked really quite painful.

  3. Great day out to Rhyader,got to mention the red kites as it doesnt seem that too many stayed to watch the spectacle.
    Sure they took their time, 45mins to make up their minds but when it happended it was like Brecon roundabout,the only different was that there,there were BMW’s all over the shop.
    And the similarity to the ride out didnt end there,the red kites were all for filling their faces and interlopers after a freebie lunch being shown the door .
    And just think how many new friends we made from the other group.Fab

  4. hi andy
    great ride on sunday went on roads never been on before on the way out stopped at brecon for some to have tea coffee etc.
    arrived at brynavon and the bike found the gravel in the car park
    lunch was good food and conversation
    then the ride home well all i can say is i will never find half of those roads we took views were spectacular
    thanks agian andy looking forward to mthe next time

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