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Andy Smith is a former Police Motorcyclist with years of experience in motorcycle training at all levels. He offers training through 1stClassRider.co.uk, and ride outs through his newsletter blog right here. To contact Andy click here.

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Ride out News and a New Idea

Once again we were blessed with fantastic weather on the ride out yesterday.

A very Autumnal Wye Valley welcomed us with sunshine and generally dry roads.

This glorious weather can’t last for ever so don’t forget to prepare yourself for the rains to come.

At Bristol Mottorrad they have a range of wet weather gear at some very good prices. A one piece waterproof over suit is just £65. It’s like a big waterproof ‘Baby Gro‘ and it really does the job. I’ve used them for years for my trainees and they really do keep them dry.

They still have a few System 4 ‘flip front’ helmets at just £99. and their Sport Integral helmets are down to just £155. Put it on your Christmas List.

Next Ride Out

The next ride out will be to the Bike Show at the NEC, Birmingham on Sunday the 25th of November. A start location and time will be fixed nearer the date. So unless there is a sudden surge for seats on the bus we are definitely going on our bikes.

A New Idea.

Within the members of the Rider’s Club Bloggies there is a wide range of skill, talent and business acumen. So I wanted to give you the opportunity of tapping in to that range of services and offering it to other club members.

So, If any of you wish to promote your business or if you have anything to offer other members of the Blog Newsletter please give me your details. ( I don’t mean the old lawn mower from your shed…… your new lawn mower maybe, but only if you come with it to cut the grass) Get the idea?

I will include them in a ‘Business Directory’ type list.

I know that we have Computer Sales, Web Designers, Utility Providers, Bike Sales, etc etc. to name but a few. (Oh yes….. and a fairly decent Motorcycle Instructor!! who needs his grass cutting!!!)

So if you post your details in the form of a ‘Comment’ at the end of this page I will formulate them into an easily readable listing to publish to all members.

So come on share you skills, and if you can offer a discount to Blog Members all the better. Please be sure to mention this in your ‘comment’.

See you on the next Ride Out.

Bring on the Dancing Girls!


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  1. Peter Cramp

    Mobile Fertility Clinic……

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

  2. I’m thinking about starting a mobile hair cutting service for ladies called “Quim Trim”, what do you all think?

  3. Peter,

    You should know better by now!!


  4. Okay,Okay….I can see where this is going to end up.

    How about some serious entries…..now where did I put my old lawn mower…

  5. Hi I’m Andy Prue and chairman of the Nene Valley Advanced Motorcyclists ROSPA group based in Northamptonshire. I’m always looking for friendly advice, riding or touring tips, new venues and biker meets.

    My email address is Andre@theholt.demon.co.uk

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