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Andy Smith is a former Police Motorcyclist with years of experience in motorcycle training at all levels. He offers training through 1stClassRider.co.uk, and ride outs through his newsletter blog right here. To contact Andy click here.

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Ride Out Reminder. Tomorrow!

Runningblade logo A reminder for the Ride Out tomorrow, Sunday the 23rd to Pendine Sands to see the World Land Speed Record attempt…on a lawn mower.

Events start on the Beach today and tomorrow around 2pm with the record attempt taking place approximately 3pm.  There will also be an aerobatics display (but surely not on a lawn mower – unless of course it’s a Fly Mo!).

The public will have access to an area of the beach near to the pits (What?… Sand Pits?) from where the run will start before it heads off down the beach.  There will also be a Cafe set up in the vicinity.

We are meeting at Hein Gericke-Cardiff Store at 9.15 ish for tea toast and possibly a bacon sandwich before departing at 10am. Remember to use the back door.

The route to Pendine will be North along the A470 over the Beacons at Storey Arms to Sennybridge and the A40 towards Llandovery. Continuing along the A40 to Llandeilo before turning onto the Golden Grove Road towards Carmarthan then on to Pendine.  I can smell the seaside chips already !

As Stef and the chums at Hein Gericke are going to cater for us again it would be useful to know how many are coming along on the day.  so could you let me know or give the shop a ring on 029 20665151.

See you tomorrow…..come on….you know you want to !

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  1. Count me in, after a week in the Alps, the relatively straight roads of South Wales will be a welcome change. I think Triumph Andy is planning to come if his bike’s rebuilt in time.
    HG here we come!

  2. i will be there with 2 mates cant wait

  3. Yep i’ll be there! Last ride out was great so have to do another one.

  4. Hi, Both me and Steve had a great time on the ride out to Pendine sands to see that complete nutter, oops, sorry, professional attempt the fastast grass mowing in the west. The boy done good!! Looking forward to seeing you on the next rideout. Tea and toast, fish and chips and a can of pop…what a bargain!!!

  5. Hi Andy,
    My wife and I had a great ride out to Pendine Sands, thanks to yourself and Will for your efforts in organsing (and trying to keep everyone on route)

    Look forward to the next one.


  6. I’m a bit niggled that I couldn’t make it. My gearbox had just been rebuilt and I was limited to 3000rpm (50mph) for a few hundred miles. We’d have got there after all the fun was over!
    Never mind, next time.


  7. Hi Andy,Sorry you couldn’t make it but what do you mean your bike will only do 50mph…..we saw a bloke on a Lawn Mower go faster than that!!

    Thanks to you ALL for supporting the ride outs and thanks for your comments.

  8. Yeah, but I bet he didn’t have new big-end shell bearings fitted……..:-)

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