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Andy Smith is a former Police Motorcyclist with years of experience in motorcycle training at all levels. He offers training through 1stClassRider.co.uk, and ride outs through his newsletter blog right here. To contact Andy click here.

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Ride Out. Sunday 13th April

Ride Out; Sunday 13th of April.

Meeting at MacDonald’s, Junction 32 M4, Coryton Interchange Cardiff at 9.30am.

Also stopping at Burger King at Bath Road, Bristol approximately 10.30am, to meet any riders from BMW Bristol who may wish to join us.

Where are we going?

This stone marks the source of the mighty Thames.

It is from the ground at this site that the waters issue forth in the corner of a field near Cirencester.

At certain times of the year it is said that you will need to use your imagination as there is no water there at all (how does that work then) and that the water rises from the ground further down the field. (eh??)

(Now that sounds like a brilliant tourist attraction. A hole in the ground that sometimes has water in it……..or not…….but we’ll put a stone there anyway – the Yanks will love it………..and the Welsh, ….. well they’ll come and have a look, ……loads of them……on bikes probably)

Anyway this is where Old Father Thames rises and starts his journey to Albert Square and beyond.

The history of the Thames is well established in Britain’s past and it hides countless old shopping trolleys a few Ford Cortinas (MK1, 2000E probably) old boots, buckets and tons of other rubbish, loot, murder weapons and East End gangsters as it meanders it’s way to the Capital.

We will find the source, as nearby there is a pub/restaurant where we can take refreshment.

So join us for yet another pointless day out. Riding, eating, riding and more eating….maybe not so pointless after all.

See you Sunday.

It would be useful for me if you do intend to join us that you leave a comment below just so I have an idea, and also where you intend to meet, Cardiff or Bristol.

Also. If anyone might be interested this year we are doing an informal training trip to Garmisch for the International BMW Biker meeting. (the first weekend in July). If anyone wants details please leave a comment and I’ll keep you up dated.

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  1. Andy
    I will be at Cardiff meeting point

  2. Andy
    See you at Coryton

  3. Cheers chums. Thanks for letting me know.

  4. if im not in the car park on time, i could be snacking in the Burger king.
    Gotta keep your sugar levels up 🙂
    see you all sunday


  5. You’ll have a job Rob. BK is not open on Sunday mornings at the time we meet. If you are there before us….set the alarm off and when the key holder turns up ask him to fire up the cookers…we’ll be on our way.

    (It used to work in ‘the job’)

  6. Hi Andy

    Hope to be there. My wife thinks there are DIY tasks needing attention. What does she know!!! If I get my passout I’ll meet you all at Coryton. After all it is free to cross into Wales isn’t it

    David (Bristol)

  7. Hello Andy

    I am hoping to join you on the rideout as well. Not been to the Bristol BMW garage yet – so good chance to find out where it is.

    I’ll try to get there on time this Sunday – and remember my camera too 🙂


  8. Come on chums. Get your bikes out. The weather forecast is good for tomorrow.

  9. Thanks to all of you for coming out today and for your kind donation to the NSPCC. You donated a total of £58.88p.

    I will pass this on on Monday.

    Over the last two ride outs you have donated a total of £113.88p.


    Thanks chums.

  10. No Fair :'( I travel back to work on a Sunday. What about a Saturday 🙂

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