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Andy Smith is a former Police Motorcyclist with years of experience in motorcycle training at all levels. He offers training through 1stClassRider.co.uk, and ride outs through his newsletter blog right here. To contact Andy click here.

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Ride Out. Sunday the 18th, and Your Ears!

Vintage Motorcycle Photographs Hi Chums.  Time to change my mind again I’m afraid.

After publishing the first blog post for the ride out to the Stafford Bike Show I changed the destination to the Hoggin the Bridge Event.

But I recieved a couple of emails asking if the original venue could stand and the Ride Out could still go to the Stafford Bike Show.  So as the Severn Bridge is only up the road and most people can find that without my help I’ve decided to return to the original idea of taking the trip to The Stafford Bike show.

If any one wishes to Hogg The Bridge then please feel free and I promise I won’t be offended if you choose to have a lie in and travel over to Chepstow for the event.

So the Stafford Bike Show it is for the rest of us.  Meeting times and place will be as published in the original post.

Sorry for any confusion.

Pardon????  Ear Plugs anyone??

Motorcycling can make you deaf.  So I have a local contact who can supply you blog members and my trainees with moulded ear plugs.

These moulded ear plugs give far higher protection than the common sponge plugs many riders use.  It is quite surprising when you realise just how much damage can be done at low speeds and over a very short space of time.  We were issued with moulded plugs in ‘the job’.

So what I need from you is firstly a show of hands…..come on put youre hands up…. if you would be interested in having a set done.  The MRP is £99 but the more numbers we can get together the lower the price would be.

So if you are interested please let me know, either with a comment here, or an email, or text me to 07545567273 and if there are sufficient numbers I will set up a convenient date.

Taking the impressions only takes 15-20 minutes and the plugs should be back with you in approx 10 days after that.

Noise Damage to your ears is irrepairable so don’t delay.

Come on…..you know you want to…..

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  1. I would definitely be interested (hopefully less than £99), although after all these years, it might be too late for me! Were open face helmets quieter? Don’t remember noise being a problem in those days.


  2. Ehh, What was that, where’s my ear trumpet when i need it………….

  3. Cheers Guy,

    I don’t know if open face helmets were quieter but in the days when eveybody wore one…we also had long hair and side burns for noise protection….it’s an age thing!

  4. Yes I’m interested. The little yellow ones keep falling out.

  5. I’d recommend anyone to get them, I managed to get a free pair from work, they’r the mutts nutts!!!

  6. With regards to the comment below from BH (?) I have sent him a personal reply detailing how 1st Class Rdier Training and this blog works.
    I will add, for his benefit, that 1st Class Rider Training is a registered supporter of the NSPCC. (As highlighted on the home page of my main website).


  7. i think he got hold of wrong end of the stick

  8. Hi I’m Lee from the earplug company (Minerva Hearing Protection)

    According to the Charter Institute of Environmental Health open face helmets are quieter than full face, but still at damaging volumes

    For motorcyclists noise is created by air as it rushes past them and through helmets; full face helmets tend to have vents which create more turbulence, and more noise

  9. Hi Andy,
    Yes please stick my name down (preferably at a much lower rate than £99) will they stop the noises in my head though

  10. Hi Andy
    Yes I will be intrested as i can not keep the others in. this will be price dependant, look forward to hearing for you.

  11. Hi Andy, I am definately interested in the ear plugs. Many thanks

  12. Just been browsing the blogs,it must be an age thing I can remember when helmets were optional.As for open face helmets being quieter Andy whats all this long HAIR and sideburns,when was that.If thats the measure then full face helmets must make you put weight on.Now as for Francis I’m trying to picture the it a “dogs B*****k” in each ear – nice fit are they,stay in do they?

  13. Hi Andy.

    Put me down for the earplugs please, I’ll make whatever date is best for the group

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