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Andy Smith is a former Police Motorcyclist with years of experience in motorcycle training at all levels. He offers training through 1stClassRider.co.uk, and ride outs through his newsletter blog right here. To contact Andy click here.

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Ride Out. Sunday 18th January

Hi Chums. Cold eh? Well it’s time to drag yourselves away from the fire, don your all too thin, all weather gear and get your leg over.

The next Ride Out will be Sunday 18th of January. Starting at MacDonald’s at Coryton Interchange, junction 32 of the M4 for a 9.30 departure.

We will be heading for the Elan Valley. It’s an old favourite but we haven’t done it for a while. The dams are quite spectacular after a bit of rain but the roads are even more spectacular after a bit of ice!

The Elan Valley Dams were once used for practice sessions before the famous Dam Busters Raids in WWII, and the scenery can’t be beaten.

So join us for the first one of the New Year. Go on….. you know you want to….

A bit of a review. Gericke or Weisse.

Talking about All weather gear, as any of you who know me know that I do favour a rather conservative coloured riding jacket!

For quite a few years now it’s been the Hein Gericke Day Lite. Shelltex and Cordura. (Pictured Here) At just a penny under 200 quid, I must say that it’s been the best jacket I’ve ever had. Much better weather protection than anything the Police ever issued. (The only way to stay dry in the job was to wear your ‘waterproof’ over your leathers …..but stay parked under the nearest motorway bridge!)

Anyway, it was time for me once again to renew my attire but visiting Hein Gericke I saw that my old style jacket had been superseded by a Gortex one costing almost £400, and being an ex plod there was no way I had that sort of money, and if I did, more to the point I wasn’t going to pay it!

So I tried a similar jacket from Weisse. Just £140 from Fowlers at Bristol. And very impressed I was. Wearing it every day, through the heavy downpours we had before Christmas, and not a drop came through. Although I would say that the Hein Gericke offering was warmer.

So both very good jackets.

Recently Hein Gericke have re-introduced their cheaper Day Lite jacket. Priced at £179 (but only £149 for a limited period) so I went to try it out.

Now the deciding factor, the important question. “Does my Bum look big in this”, no sorry I mean “Does it fit”?

Now before any of you accuse me of growing even larger over the Christmas period I must say that my old Hein Gericke Jacket DOES STILL FIT me, but the new one (of the same size) won’t go any where near me. What has happened there then I hear you all cry in bewilderment!.

Mouse, the manager at the Cardiff Store said that this has been a recent problem with many of his customers (and not just me!), and he has brought it up with Head Office, that the latest range of Hein Gericke clothing is smaller than it used to be.

A 3XL is more like a 2XL and so on. So beware that the quality might still be some of the best on the market but if you’re a BFB Size it’ll have to be the Weisse for you.

So anyone who is in the habit of ordering Hein Gericke stuff on line, it might be a good idea to go to the shop and try it on.

Both jackets have removable thermal linings, neck mufflers, CE approved protection, and plenty of pockets for sweets and stuff.

So in my experience there is not much to choose between the Gericke and Weisse jacket…..just a couple of inches around the waist maybe. Coming in at about 30 quid cheaper it’s still the Weisse for me.

Join us on the ride out and see for your self. Does my bum look big in this……..

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  1. The Dakar.

    In the last Blog post I mentioned my mate Craig Bounds who is taking part in the Dakar. He was entry number 235 out of 235 entrants and is currently positioned at 77 ! Just 1 hour and 24 mins behind the race leader.

    This is a fantastic achievement. Follow his progress either on Eurosport or on the Dakar Web Site.

    Dakar…..Elan Valley, erm?? Elan Valley…..Dakar, erm?

    See you for the Ride Out to the Elan Valley!

  2. just like to say thats amazing for craig as he broke his sternum in an off 2 weeks before he left for the dakar.

  3. andy i believe the new test is postponed until the end of april now?

  4. The actual introduction of the new test is at the end of April (I think the 27th) The booking system for the new test will open on the 31st of March, which was the date the test was due to start.

    The old test woill still be taken up to the 24th of April. No tests over that weekend and the new test starts on Monday the 27th.

  5. The Dakar.

    Craig was 77th on the stage today and is 116th overall.


  6. Not just me then, I too popped into Hein Gericke for a Christmas treat but alas there was nothing to replace my sponge. Maybe they have all contracted with the cold weather! Thunderroad it is then.
    Steve, CBF1000

  7. Dakar News.

    The death of a Dakar participant shows just how challenging this event can be. The rider’s SOS beacon was activated but the search for him was called off when he was, mistakenly, reported as being safely at a checkpoint. He was found dead after three days, when the search was resumed.

    My sympathy to his family and friends.

    On a more positive note, Craig Bounds came in at 82nd on today’s stage. This now puts him ranked 80th overall.

    Moving up the leader board at a fantastic rate.

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