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Andy Smith is a former Police Motorcyclist with years of experience in motorcycle training at all levels. He offers training through 1stClassRider.co.uk, and ride outs through his newsletter blog right here. To contact Andy click here.

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Next Ride Out. Sunday the 24th October

What’s in the Blog this week.  Details of the Next Ride Out, A Francis Maxey Up date, Bike for Sale and Amsterdam Calling.

Next Ride Out. Sunday 24th October.

Hello my Biking Chums.  The date for the next ride out has been set for Sunday the 24th of October.  Heading for the border town of Knighton in Mid Wales.  Well I say Mid Wales but Knighton is a bit unusual as the English – Welsh border runs right through the middle of Town. Half the Town is in England and the other Half is in Wales.  It is also the half way point of Offas Dyke built in the 8th Century by the King of Mercia. King Offa built a raised earthwork and ditch which stretched the length of the English Welsh border.  To keep the Welsh in….or Out ? Not sure really but recent excavations along it’s length found the remains of 6 Starbucks Coffee Shops and 12 Golden Arches!

Meeting at Hein Gericke Cardiff Store for a 10am departure, so many thanks to Stef and the chums at Hein Gericke for the warm welcome (and warmer coffee) that they give us each month.

A quick Francis Maxey Up Date.

I received the following text from Francis just two days ago.  It said simply;  “The Clown is in The Sinai”. So well done to him.  Don’t forget if you want to contribute to his charity and raise funds for him from his trip please go to www.justgiving.com/francismaxey .

A Bike For Sale.

My BMW R1100 RT is up for sale.  S Registration, December 1998. It’s done a trouble free 81,000 miles and comes with full touring BMW panniers and a top box.  Always serviced by BMW approved Technicians.  Electric Screen, Heated Grips, ABS. My new Kawasaki means it has to go, but I want it to go to a good home.  This is a lot of bike, a very reliable bike for just £1500.

It’s got an MOT and some petrol, and it was sat on by Dr Who!

Get it quick before it goes on Ebay.

Amsterdam Calling.

The Amsterdam Trip for March next year, which I advertised in the last blog, has only 3 places left.  If you are interested please don’t leave it too late.  Register your interest now and get your self on the list.  You could even do the trip on a nice Green ‘S’ Reg BMW that I know is up for Sale !

Details of the Trip to Bruges, Amsterdam & The Anne Frank House can be found on the last Blog Post, or give me a call. 07545 567 273.

Free Stuff.

Don’t forget, you get a copy of Motorcycle Monthly if you join us on the ride out and also collect your 10% Discount Voucher for BikeGear (Bridgend).

See you on the Ride Out……… Come on… you know you want to.

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  1. fingers crossed i will be there on th 24th!!!!
    anyone going to hogging the bridge this weekend ????

  2. Hi Andy,
    Got me on a working weekend again, but changes are in the offing so I might be able to catch some rideouts in the near future.

  3. Problems with logging in / my email address / password does not work ? but when I try to become a new member your site indicates I am a member ? cheers Nigel / PS this ride due on the 24th , are 125 cc welcome ?

  4. sounds good ! Can I use your bike again ? Or bag a ride off a fit biker ?? ha ha ha

  5. This sounds fab. Will be there – see you soon so expect lots of questions about the Amsterdam trip!

  6. suzanne if looking for pillon place a mate of mine got room on his cruiser

  7. Hi Andy, haven’t purchased a bike yet because Ive been at work the last few weeks (I’m going for a CBF 600 by the way!) so I don’t think I will be at the rideout this week. I just had a question for all the bloggers really. Obviously we learnt all the daily checks whilst learning but what are the weeklies and monthlies? I won’t be a daily rider I don’t think and it will be kept in a garage to reduce insurance and wear&tear… All answers greatly appreciated!!

  8. Hi Anna & Suzanne. Give me a call as I may be able to assist you with a bike for ride out.

    I don’t have your numbers. Andy

  9. another good day out even if was a bit cold 🙂

  10. Cheers BigWorm. Thanks to you and all that came along. I’d be lonely if no one turned up…..and I’d have to eat a dozen Sunday Lunches on my own…

  11. if i didnt have that small piece of cake at the fist stop i might have had a lunch lol

  12. It was just a crumb !

  13. Hi Andy, Just a quick question as to whether the Bethlehem trip will take place this year on the 4th December?

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