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Andy Smith is a former Police Motorcyclist with years of experience in motorcycle training at all levels. He offers training through 1stClassRider.co.uk, and ride outs through his newsletter blog right here. To contact Andy click here.

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Ride Out Sunday 12th February The Fred Hill Memorial Run.

The next Ride Out will be on Sunday the 12th of February.  This will be the Fred Hill Memorial Run which is being organised by the Cardiff Branch of  The Motorcycle Action Group – MAG.Fred Hill was a keen biker and a personal activist against the introduction of the law which required the compulsory wearing of a motorcycle helmet.  He was booked too many times to count and was imprisoned several times as he refused to pay any of his fines.  He died of heart failure in London’s Pentonville Prison in 1984 whilst serving one of these prison sentences.  A full background of Fred Hill can be found at http://wadmag.mag-uk.org/fred_hill.htm but don’t click on it yet!!!!

The ride out will give me a ‘day off’ as it is being lead by MAG organisers, and has two meeting points.  Meeting at 10am at the Ninian Park Public House and then with a stop at Caerphilly Mountain Snack Bar, before heading off to Abergavenny.

I will be joining it at The Home of the Mountain Monster at the Snack Bar and I am looking forward to being able to follow for a change.

So why not come along and commemorate this remarkable character, who made a stand for retaining the freedom of choice.


1st  Class Tour to Belgium.  The price for the next trip (in March) has been set at just £290 (which includes the 10% loyalty discount).

The trip is heading for the Ardennes Forest Region of Belgium stopping off in Bruges on the way.  For full details of the trip see my previous post but if you have any questions I will be happy to talk through the details if you come along on the ride out on Sunday.

The anticipated price was expected to be as high as £350 but with a last minute change allowing me to book my original preferred hotel the price has been set at an amazing £290 per person.  There are still a few spaces left so you will need to get your name on the list pretty quick.  (Email me or text me on 07545567273 to secure your slot).

Okay…. now you can click on that link to see ‘Who Was Fred Hill’…….

And after reading that, join us on the ride out……..

Come on…… you know you want to……….

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  1. Sorry to say another one I will be missing 🙁
    And just got bike back on the road

  2. Nice to know you’re back on the road. Maybe next time.

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