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Andy Smith is a former Police Motorcyclist with years of experience in motorcycle training at all levels. He offers training through 1stClassRider.co.uk, and ride outs through his newsletter blog right here. To contact Andy click here.

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Something for the Weekend?

I went to Amsterdam for the Weekend and the flags were out in my honour! Apparently I’ve got my own chain of shops over there???

Looking for somewhere to go for the weekend? Not Amsterdam but Aberdare. “No Difference” I hear you shout.

A bit short notice for some maybe but I just wish to let you know of an event this Sunday. 5th of October there is a small bike show at the Leisure Centre in Aberdare. In the past I have had a stand at the show and one year I even had a seat!

I’m not standing this year but 1st Class Rider Training will have a presence as Will (you know- Tail End Will on that fabulous looking Green RT – just like mine!) Will Will be there. Will He? Yes Will Will. He Will, Will He? You know how it goes….

Will works at Bristol Mottorad. That’s BMW in Bristol to the rest of us. Bristol BMW will have a stand at the show, displaying one of their latest traily, enduro, muddy boots type bikes. So why not go and say hello.

The show runs from 10am until 5pm and only costs £3 to get in. Just 3 quid! That’s cheaper than staying at home.

All the proceeds will go towards the Wales Air Ambulance which is a fantastic cause for raising money.

Apparently it’s an Ambulance… in Wales…. that goes in the air! Wow! Fab. and they used to says ‘pigs might fly’.

Don’t forget our ride Out on Sunday the 12th of October. Just take a look at the last Blog Post for details.

See you there. Don’t forget to leave me a comment. Let me know you are out there.

Cheers Chums…………..Fatboy indeed….

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  1. Hi Andy

    Missed the last few ride outs been busy doing somthing else, like going on tour with lindsey of new style tours to Ireland. Fab tour put found the the ZZR 600 hard going on the long journeys,(ITS MY AGE) so after beening a Kawasaki rider for 17 years I’m now looking for a RT so if you know or any fellow riders know of a
    BMW 1100RT for sale please email at wayne.d@ntlworld.com.

    Cheers see you sunday 12th

  2. Wayne,
    I don’t know how much you want to spend but if you visit a web site forcemotorcycles.co.uk (Or forcesmotorcycles…..

    They just sell ex Plod and Ambulance service bikes. There are a lot of Hondas on there but they did have a nice ex Met Police RT 1100 RT that I quite fancied.

    It will have all the maintenance and service records etc

    It might be worth checking out.

  3. Wayne.

    It still on the web page.

    It’s http://www.forcemotorcycles.com

  4. Thanks for that Andy,
    I have been uable to find a 1100RT for a tidy price locally so I paid a visit to Thunderroad in Bridgend today.
    And ended up buying a Honda Pan euro ST1100.
    thanks again see you Sunday

  5. Hi Andy – did you take a scenic route to Amsterdam or did you just stick to the main road/motorway? I’m thinking of going there the first weekend in November via the tunnel and wondered whethere there was a better route than going direct. Rhisiart.

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