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Andy Smith is a former Police Motorcyclist with years of experience in motorcycle training at all levels. He offers training through 1stClassRider.co.uk, and ride outs through his newsletter blog right here. To contact Andy click here.

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Spreken Ze BMW Lingo Butty?

In other words… do you fancy riding 2000 miles for a barbecue and a beer, served up by some buxom German wench, with Big Hans!

(It’s best to go on your bike and not with this German Coach Company). I don’t know what kind of service they provide!

Anyway, If so then this is the trip for you.

We are off to Garmisch Partenkirchen. ??!!??

To put it another way, I did an escort for a Royal Visit some time ago when Prince Charles was opening a leisure centre in Dowlais in Merthyr.

When His Royal Highness arrived at the venue he was wearing some unusual furry head gear. All the escort team were puzzled so asked the Royal Protection Officer for the reason. He said that our Gracious Queen Elizabeth was asked by Prince Charles as to the correct outfit for the occasion. The Queen then asked Charles where he was going, to which he replied “Dowlais in Merthyr Mamaah”.

The Queen looked puzzled and replied, “Wear The Fox Hat”!

So if when you read Garmisch Partenkirchen you said to yourself…… “Wear the fox hat”, then it’s in the South of Germany on the Austrian border…..not far, I don’t think, from where Steve McQueen almost jumped a barbed wire fence some years ago. (Somebody will correct me if I’m wrong…..but I don’t care really!) Here’s a Pub Quiz question for you. What make of motorbike did Steve McQueen use for the ‘Great Escape’ jump?

Anyway,..It’s a fantastic location and it is where ‘World of BMW’ hold their annual BMW Biker Meeting.

It attracts bikers from all over the World and is well worth a visit.

This year it takes place over the first weekend of July so here is some advice and a few tips for anyone wishing to attend.

We were considering running a training weekend over to the show, but we have decided to make the trip purely as a social event.

I am not organising a trip as such, as we are going in a small group for ease of finding accommodation etc, but can certainly talk you through some info which may be of use to you if you were thinking of going.

I published a blog post on 11th of June 2007, which gives a detailed account of our last trip in 2006 . If you want to have a read just browse back through the blog archive on the main page.

It contains some useful advice and tips for traveling in a foreign land. (First Aid Kit, spare bulbs 24 hour fuel in France on a Sunday??? etc etc)

We are traveling down to Dover on Wednesday the first of July for the morning ferry on Thursday the 2nd of July to arrive in Calais about 10am.

We aim to travel through France to the Strasbourg or Baden Baden area for an overnight stay.

Friday morning a ride over the mountains (some fantastic mountain roads to enjoy- have a look on the map for the B500 which runs South from Baden Baden Baden), to arrive at Garmisch Baden, early afternoon.

We will then spend the rest of Friday Baden and all day Saturday at the Show.

Leaving Garmisch Sunday morning to travel up through Germany, a bit of Luxembourg and into Belgium. Stopping overnight in Northern Belgium on Sunday night.

Monday morning leaving Belgium for Calais for the evening ferry back to Dover and then home.

Last time we did this trip it totaled 2000 miles from Cardiff and return. We took tents (as a last resort), but had no difficulty finding good quality and cheap bed and breakfast stop overs.

If this appeals to you then I can confirm that the trip is well worth the effort.

Watch out for the ‘Traveling in a Foreign Country Tips and Advice Blog’ nearer the date.

So dust off your passport, get your E111 and book your ferry. Bon Voyage….. Baden.

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