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Andy Smith is a former Police Motorcyclist with years of experience in motorcycle training at all levels. He offers training through 1stClassRider.co.uk, and ride outs through his newsletter blog right here. To contact Andy click here.

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Sunday Ride Out 10th of February.

A change of starting point from that that was originally published.

The next Ride Out, on Sunday the 10th of February will start from Cardiff.

The usual time and place. 9.30am at MacDonalds Restaurant, Coryton Interchange, junction 32 of the M4.

Originally this ride out was due to start from the Bristol BMW showroom but the shop won’t be open this Sunday.

So we will be starting in Cardiff and going to the Classic Bike Show at the Royal Bath & West Showground at Shepton Mallet.

We will be stopping off in Bristol outside the Bath Road BMW dealership to meet anyone who wants to join us, but please remember the shop will be shut. We should be there around about 10.30 – 11am.

The 28th Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show.

Open from 10.am until 5pm. Entrance cost are £9 for Adults, £7 for OAPs and £3.50 for under 15s.

The show has an extensive range of Classic bikes (in varied stages of renovation) and will stir ‘Old British’ memories in many. Norton, Vincent, Rudge, and Douglas to name but a few. (Sounds like the line up of a new ‘Boy Band’). The show is mostly under cover.

The auto jumble has to be seen to be believed. It always amazes me when someone pawing over a pasting table full of rusty junk cries out in joy of ending a 2 decade search for “just that piece”.

I always think ‘What state must his bike be in if that piece of rusty junk evokes such a response’. Time to bin it and buy a new one…..surely!

There are many ‘Bike and Club’ stands with stalls for spares, tools, clothing, boots, books, photos and prints etc etc.

This months edition of ‘Motorcycle Monthly’ contains a 12 page supplement and show guide, listing all the exhibitors and giving a show layout. I will be bringing copies on the ride out for anyone who wants one. Remember ‘Motorcycle Monthly’ is free.

If anyone intends joining us and will be meeting us at Bristol BMW it would help if you could let me know by posting a ‘comment’ at the foot of this Blog Post, just so I have an idea who who we may be expecting. (It’s so I can decide to leave before you get there!!)

When visiting the Shepton Mallet Show we have always enjoyed a friendly welcome for a nice Sunday lunch at a pub just north of the show ground on the main road.

The return journey will take us back through Cheddar Gorge.

And finally….did anyone see the Rugby?

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  1. Don’t forget, if anyone wants to join us on the Ride Out at the Bristol shop you need to let me know. If no comments are posted here then I won’t detour to the shop, but will take an alternative route.

    So please if you are joining us at Bristol, you need to let me know.

    I will check the posts Saturday night.

    If anyone decides to join us after that then please leave me a message on Sunday morning on 0777 3303654.

  2. Did see the rugby , but for some alcohol induced reason can’t remember the score.
    I seem to think that a dream occured and Wales scored a few more points than some chaps from england.Have tried reading up on this in the english press, but there doesnt seem to be much comment from the media.
    Anyway this weekend the friendly chaps from braveheart country are visiting us and we look forward to
    a happy meeting of the clans.

  3. £26 donated for the NSPCC on this Ride Out.

    Thank you very much chums.

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