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Andy Smith is a former Police Motorcyclist with years of experience in motorcycle training at all levels. He offers training through 1stClassRider.co.uk, and ride outs through his newsletter blog right here. To contact Andy click here.

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War Graves Trip April 17th.

Bon Jour.  Hi Fellow Riders.  I amwyt making a bit of a change with the Ride Out for April.  A bit further afield.

I am planning a trip, leaving the UK on Friday the 17th, for an A.M. ferry from Dover to Calais.  Visiting War Grave sites in France and Belgium before returning back to the UK in the evening of Sunday the 19th.

The cost will be £240* per person and this will include the ferry crossing, accommodation on a Bed & Breakfast Basis and my guided services. (Cost for an accompanying pillion would be confirmed on request).

At this stage I am gauging the interest so anyone wishing to be considered please add your details in a comment below or by email to me by Sunday the 15th of MARCH at the latest.(the date of the rideout to Penderyn Whisky).

Once the numbers are finalised I will be asking for a non returnable deposit (as Ferry and Hotel will need to be booked).

Space on this trip is going to be limited to only 10 bikes so check your diaries.

If you’ve never ridden in France you are in for a pleasant surprise. Fantastic roads and motorists who seem far more biker aware and biker friendly than we normally experience home her, and with the added benefit of someone to show you the way.

So come on…..You know you want to….

*Price is approximate and will be confirmed and is subject to change depending on ferry & hotel final costs.

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  1. Hi Andy,

    Yes please, put me down for one.



  2. Cheers Martin,

    Will do.

  3. What a fantastic trip, what opportunities to try French cuisine and some “plonk”, to talk about the narrow French victory last Friday, great!!

    But I can’t make it – have already agreed to look after the grand kids that week until the Sunday. BUT, if the date changes, I’ll be first on the list – hope you all have a grat time.

    Bon voyage!


  4. Murky Buckets Dave…just practising my French.

  5. Hi Mr Food

    I’m in if you take your tacho wallet back, what do you reckon? LOL!

    That will be my first week back on food after a massive diet so as long as we have a couple of cooked breakfasts, I’M IN!

  6. Hi Andy,

    Sounds interesting – do you have an itenererery mapped out?



  7. Hi Andy long time no see, would be great to join you and catch up on your french ride out. Count me in.

  8. I have a master plan if that’s what you mean.

    It will take in a trip to Near Arras (Thiepval) then overnight stay in Belgium(x2). And a trip to Ypres before returning home with some free time in between.

    Is that okay for now or did you want more detail than that, as I can break it down further if you wish.

  9. Thanks. I was wondering more about the Friday – what time would you be leaving Cardiff to catch a morning ferry from Dover? I’m asking because it may be too much for my lass to take in one hit, in which case she wouldn’t come. Shame, because she speaks French like a native.


  10. Hi Graham,
    What I did last time I went was to travel down the evening befoe and stay in the Dover Travelodge for the 8am Ferry.

  11. The response to this trip has been excellant and it looks like I have 10 bikes (including 2 with pillions)signed up.

    Tres Bien.

    I am sending out an email requesting deposits. So if you still want to put your name on the list and you will get first refusal if there are any cancellations at the ‘deposit’stage.

    Thanks for your response……….now all I need to work out is………where’s France…..

  12. I’ve had one drop out so there is still space if anyone wants to join us.

  13. Hi Andy,
    After our meeting last night I looked around on the ‘net and it seems pretty clear that the requirement to carry a warning triangle and hi-vis vest does NOT apply to motorcycles.
    I got this from a couple of sites, including the AA.



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