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Andy Smith is a former Police Motorcyclist with years of experience in motorcycle training at all levels. He offers training through 1stClassRider.co.uk, and ride outs through his newsletter blog right here. To contact Andy click here.

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Wet ‘n’ Windy

Wet ‘n’ Windy has never stopped us before!

The forecast says Wet and Windy for the ride out tomorrow, Sunday the 18th. (See the previous blog post for the meeting place and times), But if it is wet then this is the sort of view that may greet you when you get there. The series of Dams and Reservoirs were constructed in the late 1800’s and forms a 73 mile long gravity fed system, providing water for the City of Birmingham. What!! Welsh water going to England…..

In flooding the valley and during the construction of the main dams a temporary dam was built to hold back the water of the Nant y Gro river. when construction was finished and this dam was no longer needed the decision was made to demolish it.

By this time the Country was at war with Germany and a secret plan was being formulated to blow up some significant dams on the Ruhr River in Germany. And so it was that some of the preparations for the famous Dambusters Raids were carried out in the Elan Valley and practice was carried out on the no longer needed Nant y Gro Dam.

So come on, brave the rain and the wind and come and join us…..if for no other reason you can hum the Dambusters theme as you ride alongside the water.

Some time ago when I was working in Mid Wales as an instructor for a famous American bike brand (you know the ones…all noise and chrome) I had a client who was doing an advanced course one September. He said he wanted to see the Elan Valley Dams so off we went. As we started towards the mountains it started to rain.

He pulled over and said, “Sorry Andy but I don’t ride in the rain”. I thought he was joknig. I mean doing a bike course, in Wales, In the Mountains, In September?? Off course it’s not going to rain.

So I said but “I thought you wanted to see the dams and the reservoirs” He said, “I do…. but I don’t ride in the rain”.

I said, “I don’t know if you realise it but we don’t pump the water up there for the tourists. It actually does fall from the sky and we just collect it…it rains up the Elan Valley”

He said “Okay…can I go home now”……

So don’t let a bit of rain put you off. Come and join us.

Come on….you know you want to… I can hear you humming now,

“Da Da Da Da Da Da Dur Nah…” “Boom Buppa Buppa Boom…..”

Dakar Up Date.

My mate Craig Bounds has got it easy on the Dakar…..no rain at all. But he is doing brilliantly. He has had a couple of fantastic stage finishes, as high as 29th on one day. His current overall standing is around 53. Follow his progress and that of adopted Welshman, Aussie Simon Pavey, who runs the BMW off road school in Ystradgynlais, on eurosport or at the Dakar.com website.

See you tomorrow? (by tomorrow I mean Sunday. The blog is dated in American days and times and is showing as being posted on Friday. The Ride out is Sunday 18th Jan)

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  1. Gutted that I wont make tomorrow – rain or not. Bikes in for a new chain and sprocket set… was tempted to ignore it for a bit longer… but the clunking got worse so I thought better of it!Cant wait till shes done though – she will be lovely! Besides – this has to be the fist good biking day I have seen thi year- sun and no ice!!
    Have a good’n tomorrow!

  2. Question……did the guy only qualify to ride advanced in the dry?
    Wet weather pah!I’ll be there its why I bought the RT… come to think of it it looks like a boat

  3. See you in the morning at the Golden Arches …

  4. andy

    will be there with three other zinging 600s joining the gang-how long they stay for may be anothermatter-if its ripping it down will at least see u for coffee-my rear is fully slick!!

    k r6

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